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The individuals who come up with these high-paying AdSense keyword lists do not conduct some sort of Rocket Science that you are unable to do yourself. To build a detailed collection of high-paying keywords, they actually use publicly accessible resources and then apply each of these terms to a database.

So, how do you make a list yourself? You just use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool to get an understanding about what the keywords are going to pay for.


You recognize the presiding theory already. The cost per click has the ability to be very high if the advertiser’s item costs a ton over the short term or long term. If the item doesn’t cost anything, or doesn’t cost much, so the cost per click would be smaller.


Let’s have a peek. Go ahead and visit the Tool for Google AdWords. First, put in a keyword or keyword you intend to talk about, then put it in the verification code and click on “get keyword ideas” Now, depending on your keyword, you can see a selection of terms.

You will be sharing these AdSense proceeds with Google as an AdSense individual.

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