WILL Fornite Beat PUBG IN Smartphone Game

Pubg Mobile

There will be a lot of competition between the gaming community, as both games dominate the gaming industry as we speak. But developer PUBG took a big step by releasing it on the Android platform. But his work paid off, and he achieved great success. As we speak, PUBG is the second most disgusting game on the Play Store. But the epic game, everyone releases its own ISO version, Fornite gets a springboard in the mobile gaming industry, which leads to great success, but according to rumors, they will soon be released on Android and Fornite Fans are excited about it, but it will be easy and free to play, this is the key question that will show us the winner in the Android gaming market. When it comes to PC gaming, you should avoid crowds. Although, it does help if the best multiplayer games like Fortnight and PUBG are crowded in the lobbies, these games are so big that you will always play one game.

For some time, the actual battle effort of the Epic Games player has been a bigger beast than the battlefields of Greece, winning the battle when it comes to Fortnight vs. PUBG player counts. Fortnight has at least 40 million players and more than three million simultaneous users. Meanwhile, PUBG has been struggling to maintain sales numbers since January 2018.

However, you should not allow the number of players to influence your decision on which Battle Royale game to play. You will have a great experience with someone and should have no trouble finding many rivals to kill brutally.

While the mechanics of Fortnight and PUBG are similar, their maps are surprisingly different. This is most evident in the size of the map: PUBG’s Erange and Miramar maps are 8×8 km, while the single Fortnight map is very small. At 4×4 km, PUBG’s Sanhok map is an exception: this new PUBG map is smaller than Fortnight’s total zone.

Arguably, this means that PUBG players have to rely more on luck to win on their big maps: if the safe zone location is not kind, they need a car to protect them from the madness. Have to find Fortnight, on the other hand, doesn’t have cars on the map. Its small size makes it very easy to cross quickly and safely.

Eragel, on the other hand, allows a higher risk / reward strategy because it has some outlying islands that are more prone to high-level looting. Susanoka Island is the largest and dominates its military base. Here, skydiving is a risky strategy: you may have a better chance of finding good equipment, but if the circle shrinks to a remote location, you will have plenty of water and land to cross.

Overall, the Fortnight map is very dense and if you are really unlucky or if your time management does not measure you will die in the circle. However, while more open space in the air can make it harder for players to hide, you can only lean on PUBG. Even the best fortnight skins and cosmetics make sure you stand out.