Want to Build A Mobile Game App? Check Out These Development Tools


Temple Run, Candy Crush, etc. There are some popular mobile games that have millions and billions of users worldwide. Today, as mobile technology and application development technologies continue to evolve, there is no doubt that the use of smartphones is also growing rapidly. People use these smart devices not only to easily perform various tasks and meet personal needs but also for entertainment purposes. So mobile games are becoming very popular!


Mobile games don’t take years to develop, like console games and PC games. Today’s market is full of different tool options for game development. Using these powerful tools, creating an exciting game is not only easy but also saves time. Read on to find out why most game app developers rely so much on these tools!


Unit # 1.

This tool supports Unity script, Unity’s own language and C #. This cross-platform development tool has a built-in editor that lets you easily edit and organize various animations and images. It has a special feature to easily see all the components of the tool. Unity’s built-in camera helps you navigate easily.


Also, using the Unity Editor, you can design any specific system. The asset store offered by this tool is a place where you can buy various game assets. Interestingly, both the professional edition and the free version of Unity are available.


# 2 Corona SDK.

This software development kit uses Lua scripting language and is available for OS X and Windows versions. Using Corona, you can create games without spending a penny. However, in order to integrate the game with a wide range of features, it is necessary to use the corporate model. This tool comes with a text plugin and a Corona editor that simplifies the game development process.


The Corona SDK is the best choice for developing cross-platform games. In addition, the transition library and built-in scene management will help you improve the game’s graphical features.


# 3 Marmalade.

Whether it’s 2D or 3D game-marmalade, it’s a remarkably high-performance, fast-moving cross-platform development tool. Supports C ++ language. However, the instant version of Marmalade supports the Loa language and the Marmalade web version supports CSS, HTML5 and JavaScript for creating hybrid applications.


This award-winning tool is extremely popular with game developers around the world as it helps develop games for desktop and mobile devices. Another popular tool is Marmalade Juice, which supports easy transfer of any iOS game to the Android ecosystem.


# 4 Cocos 2D.

Game developers use this open source framework to create games for free. Cocos2D works perfectly with Objective-C and Swift. You can do scene management using CC Transmission Class and CCD Director Class. In addition, for animation, you will have a CC animation class for tasks such as rotating, moving, scaling, etc.


Even if you code in Objective-C language, Android’s Sprite Builder plugin will help you get the Android environment where you can create games.


Well, in addition to all the game development tools mentioned above, Sprite Kit, Cry Engine, Hex, Next Pier, Titanium, etc. There are some other popular tools that are hot in the market.


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