Android Games – Tips to Get the Best of It


Do you want to waste your free time when your only company is your Android phone? Did you know that Android games are a lot of fun and entertaining things to fill your phone? Read this article to know more about these sports and their fun activities.


Android games are diverse in many categories: informative, educational, shooting games, puzzles, games, racing, augmented reality games, location based games and much more. All of these types are available for high and low priced Android phones.


There are low spec games for these low cost models so you can enjoy them even on your cheap phone. This includes games with poor graphical content that do not take up much space. It is suitable for Android phones with low GPUs and small screen size.


Both freemium and premium games are available in the store. Premiums are paid games and free games are free games that usually involve a certain level of app purchases. Therefore, it is advisable to observe whether someone other than you (such as your child) is using your phone. Don’t click on these options without purchasing.


To enjoy the best high quality graphics and well-designed gameplay, it is best to buy the latest models with a large screen and good GPU. You can even enjoy high quality gaming effects by increasing the performance of your low budget and specific Android phones.


The first and easiest way to increase the performance of a low-cost smartphone is to remove the apps that run in the background before starting the game. You can also use various finishing apps for this. Most Android phones have a lot of apps that are not useful to the average user. These apps can be disabled, which improves the performance of the phone.


All you have to do is go to Settings, select ‘Apps’, select the apps to be disabled and click the ‘Disable’ button. All of these apps can be activated in the future if you need to. In general, installed applications or Internet browsers often leave behind useless files. This stored data often slows down the performance of the phone. To clear this data, go to ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Storage Options’, then select the Cached Data button and press OK.


Always choose a Class 10 SD card to enhance your phone’s gaming performance. The use of these SD cards will increase the speed of reading and writing and therefore reduce the loading time and other intervals that any high graphics game will require. These Android phones have more features to enhance their performance. Background task killer apps work best if they are on an integrated version of Android. Cedar software can be installed on rooted Android phones, which reduces delays when switching between apps.